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With over 38 years expereince & 25 years in Project Management, my career has covered *(but not limited to):-
1.   Liaise with Architect / Client on initial design and review options for constructability
2.   Appoint a Structural Engineer for Client
3.   Appoint an M&E Consultant or carry as part of the D&B package of the M&E Sub-Contractors.
4.   Appoint a Health & Safety Consultant who could also act as your what was then CDM Co-ordinator under CDM Regulations now Principle Designer under CDM 2015.
5.   Appoint a Party Wall Surveyor on behalf of the client
6.   Review printing of drawings process with client and between other consultants and in preparation
of tender packages
7.   Prepare a DRAFT “Sub-Contractors Agreement Contract & Warranties etc.” to be reviewed by Clients legal advises
8.   Set up Clients administration paperwork site filing & archiving system

9.   Obtain tenders for sub-contract works package, and review tenders and report recommendations to client in conjunction with the other consultants input and reports & specifications.
10. Attend meetings wkly, bi-wkly / monthly with our Projects Director / Manager and sub-contractors/ consultants etc.
but not limited to.
11. Attendance is full time at site to manage / observe progress and report to client on a regular basis.
12. Arrange for disconnection of all mains services (Gas, Electric, BT,COMMS, Water)

13.  Submit all necessary notices to Local Authority at Building & Environmental & HSE:  i.e.: Section 80/81 approval  for demolition, F10 to HSE notification of site, application for scaffolding notices or suspension of parking bays etc. Building Control / Planning issues in conjunction with Design Team.
14. Liaise with client or other approved building warranty insurance &/or building
control inspectors

15. Liaise with all sub-contractors on site to the benefit of the client and ensuring the clients standards of high quality & specifications are maintained and achieved and take all necessary action in meetings with sub-contractors to ensure these measures are kept in place with the QA/QC checking system at all times.
0789 422 8222

16.  Assist the client in preparing any monthly reports for banking purposes & internal budget reports
17.  Assist the client in recruiting any additional site staff or other consultants applicable to the works and programme
18. Establish with the other consultants a design programme and issuance of design drawings at an early stage  of    the start of the demolition approval by Client.

19. Appoint FRA's (FLOOD RISK ASSESSMENTS) for developers as well as private industry (commercial & housing or other aspects) & qualified assessors can review and assist in planning issues that may require a Flood Risk Assessment.

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