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Charity Funded 1000 children to Royal Festival Hall as well as also being Maestro - Conducting the full Orchestra to James Bond "Dr.No" Raising over £13,500 donated to Thurrock Music Services *(our services even stretched to conducting at the Royal Festival Hall home to the famous "Philharmonic Orchestra") an honor in itself.

Anton Resource Centre Sutton

Kuala Lumpur International Airport Malaysia

worked on tender for Japanese client and we won the contract, and with our assessment of logistical planning and programming we managed to save the client 100 days off the build program.

Malaysia Bangsar Maybank Building

my big mass pour Sth East Asia world record

We were the Principal Contractors main head of  operations for this project in Bangsar just outside Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and achieved a successful continuous non-stop concrete pour of 13,000 m3 mass pour KL Malaysia

6 basements down, 2500TE rebar, 125 concrete trucks *(all Pioneer trucks from across Malaysia had to be involved), 500 men, 11 concrete boom pumps.

All completed concreting within 60 hours.

Professor Tan of Singapore University wrote a paper and reviewed our technical achievements on reducing temperature differential down to a very low deflection range and no thermal cracking.

Ferry Lane Dagenham Essex

Chiswick Park, West London

Limehouse Basin, Commercial Rd, London

saved 18 weeks off the build program here also

Limehouse Basin London, 

Belway Homes (Client) 

With our expertise in concrete and logistical planning, we saved 18 weeks off the build program of the main concrete basement - sub and superstructure overall on all 4 tower blocks - right beside the Limehouse Basin waters edge.

Manor Rd Teddington, London

Maybank Building KL Malaysia

the 3 towers (32,30 & 30 storey) above the 6 storey deep basement carpark mass pour

Maybank Building KL Malaysia
the 3 towers (32,30 & 30 storey) above the 6 storey deep basement carpark mass pour

13,000 m3 mass concrete pour Bangsar worlds record Malaysia

Our very first project back in 1981 at RAF Wattisham, Suffolk

Building 22 Hardened Aircraft Shelters, aprons and taxiways some 41 yrs ago. (upto 2022).

Sellafield Cumbria, several project on THORP, WVP, POND 5

Temporary steel supports Lowndes Place, Belgravia London

Lowndes Place, Belgravia London

Petronas Towers KL Malaysia was the tallest building in the world at the time standing some 88 storey tall plus basements shopping and car parking.

Complete in 1998 88 Storeys: The Petronas Towers were featured in the blockbuster movie Entrapment, starring Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones. It took 36,910 tons of steel to build the Petronas Towers. It takes 90 seconds to travel from the basement parking lot to the top of each tower. Each Tower has over 16,000 windows, so to clean 32,000 windows takes window washers an entire month to wash & clean each tower just once !

417 Wick Lane Bow E3 2JG

80+ Live Work Units from decontamination through to structures, envelope, fit out & M&E etc. to final completion & handover

Snr PM for Developer

Bow development and also designed the landscaping areas ourselves to replicate a more relaxing tropical feel. Foundation to 1st occupants moving in was done in just over 12 months. Site prior to this had to be heavily remediated of contamination and site cleared and signed off prior to foundation works could begin and dealing with British Waterways and Environmental Agency, Thames Water

Bow landscape & 80+ Live / Work Units & B1 Units

built it in 12 months & designed the landscape layout & planting for good measure (green-fingers)

St Cedds Church Newham (A13)

Seventh Day Adventist Church

Finished off this handed to me half way through & donated the opening ceremony marque & landscape grass & planting

Travelodge Hotel Fulham, North End Road

no defects post 12 months & one of TL's top ten in UK

Travelodge Hotel Fulham KONE Lifts



Health & Safety Training presentation



KL Malaysia group photo completion of 13,000 non-stop concrete mass pour



KL Bangsar Malaysia ~ excavation of 6 basments down pre-13,000 m3 mass pour

KL Bangsar Malaysia ~ excavation of 6 basements down pre-13,000 m3 mass pour

KL Bangsar Malaysia​

KL Bangsar Malaysia ~ pre-start safety induction

KL Bangsar Malaysia post completion of 13,000 m3 mass concrete non-stop pour in 60 hours, 150 concrete trucks Pioneer Concrete, 11 concrete boom pumps




Sizewell "B" Power Station

Sizewell "B" Power Station


Big Yellow Box Lower Richmond Rd London

St Cedds Church Newham (off A13) London

Seventh Day Adventist Church

Bulk excavation & demolition works

St Judes Church, Kensington, London

Travelodge 1st floor steelwork frame above Iceland shop Fulham North End Rd - 

Project Director for Client working with Travelodge representatives also.

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