Project Roles Undertaken:-
As part of the Team, my responsibilities are for delivering to the Board of Directors a successful / profitable completion of all projects undertaken. This over the years has included for either being located on or off site and to lead the project team, staff & workforce to ensure all project activities meet the program, cost, safety and quality objectives of the Client’s Project Plan.
It has in most instances also involved investigating all aspects of the design process and proposals of rationalising design and giving that valued engineering input with my knowledge & contacts within the industry for 2nd opinion to give a higher standard or cost effect design / build which becomes beneficial to the Company /developer / Principle Contractor and the Client / End User.

Key Result Areas  I have found that need to ensure a project maintains its level of sustainability are and issues we have all come across & tried to protect both client & contractor pending which side your employed on, but the essence & ethos between either party must be maintained & less confrontational as they were when i first got into the industry 38 years ago. Still there are always heated conversations with a minority but these must be defused at a snap of a finger.
Follow proper chit-chat & talk goes a massively long way in solving all the issues, I am sure we have all had & heated moments; but in essence, think about it - when youve built that house, flat, project etc & walked away & the new owner / tenant moves in - do you really think they give a two-hoots what all your arguments & stress levels were?  NO, so why waste breath & energy on a matter which will get sorted (unless the company goes bust & I'm sure we've seen that a few times on site or been involved when it happens, never a pretty or financial help !!!! :

Moving forward then:-

The project achieves the agreed level of profitability as practically as possible.        
The project is delivered on program to the agreed Quality & any extension of time is fully recorded and presented at the correct contractual time to the client.       

All the Company’s Quality & Quality Assurance, Health & Safety & Environmental controls are in place and being followed.  
All risks are identified and mitigation measures are put in place. The Project Team is effectively managed and all individuals have clear roles and responsibilities with targets and standards being set monitored & reported to the Board of Directors.                
The relationship between the Client and the project Team is managed effectively.
The project budget and costs are reviewed, monitored and managed effectively.
 Key Accountabilities & Work Winning:
Support the Tender and lead the pre-construction elements of the project.
See also our area of expertise in FLOOD RISK ASSESSMENTS (FRA's) which can be offered right at the very concept of any of our clients application/s into the local council / authority for Planning Permission.
           Project Delivery:

Plan resources (people/plant/IT/etc.) for the project in an effective manner that minimises risk.
Plan & Co-ordinate all the human resources (the Company & its Supply Chain) to deliver the Project Plan.
Ensure that all members of the Project Team have a clear understanding of their role, duties & responsibilities & manage their performance in line with Company Standards & Procedures.
 Regularly review the capability of the Project Team to ensure it meets the
current & future needs of the project. Take all necessary actions to identify, & mitigate, any risk identified at source.

Lead the Project’s Senior Team Members to ensure that construction programmes are met and to regularly record its progress.
Lead the design delivery process in line with the Client's & our own Principles.

Seek all necessary advise and instructions from the Line Manager/s or Board of Director’s.
Lead the Project Team to ensure that the Company’s processes are followed & controls are implemented and monitored.
Ensure that all Health, Safety & Environmental Systems in regards to their legal requirements as well as Company procedures are implemented and lead / promote a complete safety culture throughout the full Chain on the project and establish all necessary safety systems & Tool Box Talks (TBT) programmes & training as required for each project.
Monitoring: yes one thing we can easily over see or forget at some stages but it helps give you those early warning signs & report good not just in-differences & keeps a breadth of things for others also being informed

Agree & record / assist for preparation of monthly valuations / scope with clients & report on sub-contractor’s for clients review on their timing and to budget / programme & record any effect there may be as impartial to the client.
Asssist with the Client's QS / Commercial Department &/or reporting Director, for their own financial planning and controls are implemented and reported / recorded in line with Company requirements.
Reporting & Analysis:
Initiate reports and any relevant Clients statistical data, as and when required.
Conduct any Research & Development for our Clients and undertake Company projects as required from time to time.


 Ensure Flood Risk Assessments including on site surveying for topographical surveys & reports, drainage strategy & designs etc. are thought about as early as possible. It may be a planning requirement

The Role of a:-
Projects Manager, Contracts Director or Project Director
 Key Competencies:
Deciding & Initiating Action:
Makes prompt, clear decisions which may involve tough choices or considered risks. Takes responsibility for actions, projects & people.
Takes initiative, acts with confidence & works under own direction. Initiates & generates activity.
Leading & Supervising:
Provides others with a clear direction. Sets appropriate standards of behavior. Delegates work appropriately & fairly. Motivates & empowers others to also achieve their own goals & targets.
Recommendations when recruiting staff which must be of a high calibre & reviewing internally the other staff / employees within the Company to further their career or education / training.

Analyses numerical data, verbal data & all other sources of information.
Breaks information down into component parts, patterns & relationships.
Probes for further information or greater understanding of a problem & resolving.
Make reports from all available information and analysis.
Produces possible solutions to a range of problems and liaising with others within the Company & outside the Company to achieve these goals and solutions.
Demonstrates an understanding of how one issue may be a part of a much larger system.

Planning & Organising:
Sets clear, precise & defined objectives for all the team. Plans activities & projects well in advance & takes account of possible changing circumstances.
Manages time effectively & undertake any necessary over time over & above the call of duty to assist the Client in achieving its goals & targets etc...
*(but not limited to…).
Identifies & organises / recommend further resources needed to accomplish tasks. Monitors performance against deadlines and milestones or agreed targets.

Delivering Results & Meeting Customer Expectations
Focuses on customer needs & satisfaction.
Sets high standards that all recognises the Clients quality & quantity.
Works in a systematic, methodical & orderly way / manner. 


KLIA Kuala Lumpur Airport new terminal Malaysia, I worked on the Japanese tender which they won & saved 100 days off the program as part of their tender submission based on long thoughts on process, logistics & sequencing of key follow on trades & materials installed
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